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Do you need someone who you can partner with on your healing journey?

Do you need someone who can push you to be the woman that God predestined you to be?

Do you need someone who can hold you accountable?

Do you need someone who can tell you what you need to hear, even when you don't want to hear it?

Do you need a safe space?

Do you need someone who can help you uncover hidden trauma and discover what may be keeping you bound?

Do you need someone who can help you break demonic cycles and patterns that have been affecting your bloodline?

Well, you've come to the right place! We both know the healing journey can be tough, but it becomes easier when you have the right person accompanying you along the way.


Each session is Holy Spirit led and is a combination of coaching and counseling,

which is tailored to your specific needs. Trauma has a way of distorting the health

of your soul. It shows up in various ways, such as insecurity, anxiety,

depression, shame, guilt, rejection, and the like. It hides the authentic you.

But, my goal is to help you become God’s best version of yourself, through

intentional healing, which puts a demand on your authenticity!


Together we will:

  • Address internal wounds that affect the health of your soul.

  • Discover limiting beliefs and uncover how they’ve affected your progress.

  • Identify demonic strongholds that have been hindering your breakthrough.

  • Discuss applicable tools that will aid you in healing, breaking strongholds, and maturing into the daughter God predestined you to be.

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